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Trigeminal neuralgia after tooth extraction

Pain in the lower left wisdom tooth some time ago, 这颗 wisdom teeth grow only one angle. Do not feel the pain on August 29 pulled out, but when the doctor said there tooth abscess, the doctor played two semi-local anesthetic, 3,4 hours later, the left side of throat begin pain, tooth extraction at the also pain, and 37 degrees with low-grade fever. Thus tolerance to 4 days did not alleviate the pain and associated trigeminal neuralgia, the mouth has been unable to Zhang, Zhang only a small slit, so the doctor suggested that injection of penicillin and tinidazole. Prior to oral azithromycin. Today has been injected 3 days, a sore throat pain, trigeminal nerve is also pain, I do not know the cause of pain or other reasons, weakness, listlessness, dizziness this morning has been. Too painful, is not nerve injury of teeth pulling me how to eat without treatment with the drug neurotrophic there I have a sewing needle, stitches up tomorrow but also injected a few days.
First, you determine the diagnosis of trigeminal neuralgia is a doctor you do trigeminal neuralgia is trigeminal nerve branches in the region limited to a fixed piece of skin or mucous membranes are particularly sensitive to this point a little touch, it immediately aroused array onset of severe electric shock-like pain, trigger points, attack may have facial expressions spastic muscles twitch, and in order to reduce pain and make a variety of special moves, attacks and more during the day, the pain lasted a few seconds or minutes to stop , said the intermittent period between two episodes, without any pain, and trigeminal neuralgia in common in the elderly, I think you are not trigeminal neuralgia, you say 3,4 hours after tooth extraction, the left side of throat pain begin , also pain at the extraction and 37 degrees with low-grade fever. This is normal, because you pull the impacted wisdom teeth, made a cut, the wound is relatively large, while weaker resistance, saying that would hurt after a local anesthetic, but you also said that the fourth day the pain diminished, the After pulling teeth to eat after you have anti-inflammatory drugs, metronidazole, it is necessary to play a drip for three days, you say trigeminal neuralgia, pain in the end is what part, if until now you still trismus and dysphagia , slightly posterior ramus there is no light inside the deep tenderness, swelling and local inflammation heavier, general symptoms are more obvious, if you have these symptoms it may be infected, in addition to the use of antibiotics but also the general drainage of abscess, pulling swelling of the cheek teeth after 3 to 5 days because I saw the waning late posts, and now you should be ready now to fight another general 3 to 5 days of antibiotics, in addition to heavy inflammation, suture removal is the fifth time in the books days, the general clinic is five to seven days, the line is removed for long periods also affects foreign body wound healing.
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