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Incomplete sperm liquefaction

Please check the report:
Appearance: milky white, liquefaction is not complete, the amount 4MML
Activity: 3
Activity rate: 80%
Sperm count: 90 * 10T / L
Time: 4560 minutes
Will it lead to pregnancy
Hello from your semen analysis results, other indicators are normal, but a longer length of time of semen liquefaction; easily cause you love the sperm penetrate the cervical mucus to reduce the pregnancy rate; recommend you pay attention to rest patterns of life, not pumping smoke drink, do not drink cola, coffee, do not eat celery, fish without scales and more food: tomatoes, watermelon, grape, mutton, leek, including shellfish, seafood, and more sun, exercise, sit for an hour up Event , 57 days a month later review did not do after ejaculation abnormal, if there needs to further examine the causes of re-treatment of symptomatic medication will cure Zhu Jiankang
Normal sperm motility, vitality little worse, but the pregnancy should be recommended to check the prostate wish you health, good pregnancy did not
Hello semen removed from the body, more than 30 minutes still on jelly, the pathological conditions are known as semen. Semen was increased coagulation proteins or proteolytic enzyme, plasmin caused reduction during semen analysis if semen was not frozen at the state, may be caused by defects or congenital seminal vesicle ejaculatory duct due to the absence

Liquefaction of the semen is not seen under the microscope sperm coagulation integrated group, not just slow it down such activities or semen of sperm in the female reproductive tract significantly hampered the movement, the sperm can not enter the cervical canal upstream, the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes, can not be egg meet

Therefore, can not make the woman pregnant because semen caused mainly due to inflammation of the prostate or seminal vesicles caused
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