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How long to lose weight after abortion

Because I do not know of pregnancy, so eat a lot of drugs during pregnancy, during pregnancy have made abortion a large generous 55 days leave at home this time I gained 10 kilos weight, fear can not go to work in like Chijianfeiyao Exercise or do something but I do not know how long can I do that the first surgery
1 to adjust the daily schedule, spouses,
2 diet, can not eat, eat fewer calories to eat the food at the best fruit, apple, grapefruit what's the best five hours before going to bed do not eat can not shirk if the lip, then eat some exercise, and the energy consumed another drink every morning before fasting salt, which helps clean-up of intestinal waste
3 motion must be, to at least half an hour of aerobic exercise, muscle movement with half an hour to achieve results
If the blood clean, or the flow of two weeks, you can use acupuncture to lose weight
Last night more than a few minutes of preparation, fewer hours of trouble today.
My question just like you, look at the top
Who can re-analysis of ah
Really have no patience ~
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