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You can drink red wine hepatitis B patients

I YG patients, I now sometimes HHA sometimes three positive, I can drink red wine you can drink a doctor had told me I would not red wine than white wine, you really can not drink what you can take care of my body, I was born in 23 year-old was on the YG, I probably live for long

Hepatitis B patients should pay attention to what in life can protect your body

I was 2 years old I could Huoduo Jiu hepatitis B, aged 21 is three positive

After I married you can do will affect the next generation
Can not
Hepatitis B should unconditionally stop drinking alcohol, a history of drinking habits in patients with hepatitis B should be determined to stop drinking after the newly discovered hepatitis B patients should not drink because, regardless of the size of alcohol consumption, whether white or red wine drinking is, or Beer, for already the liver by hepatitis B viruses, the worse is a kind of blow, this is because:

First, alcohol has a direct injury to the liver function

According to clinical observations, patients with hepatitis incubation period, due to heavy drinking, can be sudden liver failure; chronic hepatitis a lot of alcohol can cause chronic active hepatitis, jaundice, inspired; hepatitis B surface antigen positive patients long-term dry, chronic drinking wine and the promotion of liver cirrhosis are prone to cause cirrhosis decompensation, also may contribute to liver cancer, shortened life expectancy

The same severity of hepatitis, the efficacy of hi drinkers significantly better than non-drinkers efficacy in patients with hepatitis and liver has been damaged, a variety of metabolic enzymes of ethanol to reduce the activity of liver detoxification functions decreased, so even if a small amount of alcohol, damage is so great, there is liver disease, alcohol is the basic requirement for self-recuperation

Second, alcohol can cause a disease

Drinking large quantities of toxic liver damage caused by, including alcoholic fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis and alcoholic cirrhosis, the three types of alcoholic liver disease incidence and duration of drinking history, alcohol consumption and nutritional status number, which can be individually there, but there is more mixed

Alcoholic fatty liver on the early stage, often without obvious symptoms, may have indigestion, upper abdominal pain, hepatomegaly, soft, and occasionally mild jaundice, drinking more than 3-6 weeks can be reversed; more symptoms of alcoholic hepatitis increase, it is like viral hepatitis or toxic hepatitis, jaundice can see better, and even showed cholestasis, or accompanied by fever, splenomegaly, ascites, severe liver failure who have the performance, but if treated in time can still reversal; late into the irreversible stage of alcoholic cirrhosis, cirrhosis of the liver may show a typical

Alcoholic hepatitis more common laboratory elevated serum aspartate aminotransferase AST, alanine aminotransferase was normal or mildly elevated ALT, AST / ALT ratio of 1.15; have intrahepatic cholestasis of serum-GT, alkaline phosphatase increased significantly and the disproportionate increase in serum bilirubin; AFP negative primary liver cancer can be differentiated from the disease, hyperlipidemia and low protein, high-globulinemia, prolonged prothrombin time, sometimes at low glucose, lactic acidosis may have
Must not only do not drink alcoholic beverages are alcoholic beverages are liquor, wine, beer, they drink alcohol at work is for people living with HIV and chronic hepatitis B patients, a drop of wine are extra, chronic hazardous drinking in patients with hepatitis B is very large, virus and alcohol together, on the final form of liver damage and liver cirrhosis have a high rate of improvement of the role of red wine, beer is the beverage containing alcohol, This is the inside of alcohol on the liver also have a bad effect, so say no to drink

A suggestion to this, whether the alcohol is beer, beer is not alcohol, in order to add to the fun, or become obvious to go, you can sip a small amount of alcohol-free beer, no alcohol, this is basically what alcohol is harmful alcohol no alcohol would be no problem

The answer is medical network article liver hepatitis B patients do not Jijiu mean "suicide" So it was a medicine has been demonstrated after the so you have to Jijiu
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